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During Gatorbox's inaugural production run through Livestream, the autopilot was a collection of videos that would play to viewers while the stream was offline. The videos were curated by the Gatorbox cast and crew and generally followed the same half-hour pattern of a 10 minute Gatorbox video, 10 minute episode of Jontron or other similar show, and 10 minutes of various web culture videos. These half-hour blocks would then be randomized with station idents set up to play during the transitions from one to the next.

The autopilot was one of the most well-received aspects of the original Gatorbox show, however when the stream moved from Livestream to Twitch this functionality was not kept and the autopilot was retired.

Shows broadcast in the autopilot

  • 5secondfilms
  • The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Ashens
  • Awesome Video Games
  • BattleBots
  • Broken Pixels
  • Cartoon Sushi
  • Cr1tikal
  • Deeper Understanding
  • Everything is Terrible!
  • Gatorbox
  • Jontron
  • Mega64
  • RedLetterMedia
  • Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
  • The Whitest Kids U Know