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Stream Emote
Bexit telegram.png
Introduced: 2015
Retired: N/A
Shortcut: GBbexit
Source: IMSCARED for PC

"BEXIT" is a catchphrase derived from an unintentional misreading of a sign in the PC horror game IMSCARED. It is one of the oldest recurring memes on Gatorbox as the stream's initial broadcast of IMSCARED took place in 2013. It was among the first community in-jokes selected to become a chat emoticon when the stream originally partnered with FrankerFaceZ. Since then it has survived multiple cullings used to make room for newer emotes as its popularity ensures its placement within the stream's roster.

During a playthrough of the original version of IMSCARED, Draco came upon a door with "EXIT" written on it likely in blood due to its color. However because of the intentional low resolution of the game's textures and graphics there was limited space for the developer to create a sign so the "E" and "X" were placed next to each other without any space between them resulting in a letter "B" being unintentionally created. Draco read the sign as "BEXIT" and realized it was incorrect but continued to use the term throughout the stream as a joke.

When IMSCARED was re-released via Steam it was featured once more on Gatorbox, however the "BEXIT" texture had been fixed so that it looked more like the intended word.

Usage of the BEXIT emote is commonly seen when a puzzle is solved, an exit is found, or when a game during GAME HELL is quit.