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Dracokon (also known as Kon and simply Draco) is a French-American author and video game speedrunner. He is the primary host of Gatorbox. He made his on-camera debut on December 21, 2012 as part of the stream's "end of the world" apocalypse marathon by commentating the Playstation game Apocalypse. Originally a guest host, in 2013 he eventually became the lead anchor of the stream and its executive producer once the original production group abandoned the project. Since then he has appeared in almost every Gatorbox broadcast to date.

Dracokon was originally approached by Gatorbox's initial producers due to his popularity (at the time) within the furry fandom, as the first incarnation of Gatorbox was marketed exclusively to furries. Dracokon agreed to the guest role and hosted several solo streams where he mostly played old Flash games. When the original producers elected to cancel Gatorbox he inquired about obtaining the show's assets and continuing onward with it as a personal project. Gatorbox went off the air in March 2013 while Dracokon sorted out the details, and the stream returned later that year with its first Extra Life charity marathon hosted from the charity's event headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

As the lead creator in charge of Gatorbox, Dracokon is responsible for nearly all of the channel's content and operations. He greenlights (and often writes and edits) the various miniseries produced by the stream such as What's Yiffin'?, Fanfiction Factory, and GatorUNbox.

Outside of the stream, Dracokon maintains his reputation as an avid participant within the internet's furry fandom where he writes adult stories and formerly managed the website Herpy.

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