Gatorbox 2019 Season

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Gatorbox's eighth season began in 2019. The previous season ended with a re-stream of Apocalypse, which was not completed during that broadcast. To mark the start of the new season the game was completed.


  • January 11: GatorUNbox: Pro-200 handheld game, Apocalypse (PS1)
  • January 18: GatorUNbox: Vintage Mattel handhelds, MI-Pad 80 standalone
  • January 25: GatorUNbox: Dragon suncatcher, MI-Pad 80 standalone
  • February 1: GatorUNbox: Mexican candy, GatorUNbox: Gatorbox card game, The Crimson Room Quadrilogy (PC)
  • February 8: Fanfiction Factory: "Romance", Crimson Room: Decade (PC)