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Stream Emote
Bitsign telegram.png
"Bit Sign"
Introduced: 2018
Retired: N/A
Shortcut: GBbitsign
Source: Set prop

The Bit Sign is a practical prop of the Gatorbox set. It was built by Draco and unveiled on August 3, 2018. It is a light-up marquee featuring one Twitch "Bit", or the equivalent of $0.01 USD in Twitch's digital currency (referred to as Twitch Pennies on-camera). The sign is made of polycarbonate and molded plastic and its imagery was hand-painted. It can be illuminated with a small clicker hanging off of the backside of the sign. The sign's frequent need of repairs and recurring periods of not actually working as expected are unintentional, but have become the hallmark of the prop.

The Bit Sign is illuminated manually whenever viewers redeem Twitch Bits in the channel, normally as Draco reads the donator's message or responds sarcastically to the Bits. Originally the sign was going to interface with Twitch/Streamlabs API's in order to blink a number of times that corresponded to the amount of Bits redeemed, however this idea was scrapped when it was determined that a donation of 1,000 Bits (approximately $10.00 USD) would cause the sign to flash non-stop for over eight minutes. A secondary plan was drawn up that featured the use of multicolored LED lights to flash out an amount in steps equal to Twitch's Bit tiers but this was considered too complicated and a manual activation button was wired into the sign instead.