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Hot Wheels Racer (also known as Mega Hot Wheels Racer) is a board game designed by Draco in 2001. It was created as a birthday gift for FPS Reflex and was showcased in a 2018 broadcast of Gatorbox where the two played a best 2 of 3 contest using old Hot Wheels cars from their childhoods. While considered a prop of the stream, Hot Wheels Racer actually belongs to Reflex and hangs on the wall in his room of monster truck memorabilia.

The game, designed on a large piece of wood paneling, features gameplay similar to Candy Land. A die is used to determine how far a player moves, however rolling a 1-3 allows the player to move one space while 4-6 allows them to move two. The game's track is designed around getting stuck at various points until the proper numbers are rolled in order to safely pass. The board is littered with blue spaces (hazards) and orange spaces (power-ups) plus two striped spaces that cause the player to lose a turn. A warp space is also present that allows players to skip two spaces on the board, however due to the conflicting design of the game's mechanics this warp is actually a required path in order to win the game.

Draco and Reflex both played through the game while reminiscing about old times and in the end Draco won twice in a row and named himself "2018 Hot Wheels Racer World Champion".

Plans to digitize and release the game online have been discussed, however there is currently no release date for the digital edition of Hot Wheels Racer.