FPS Reflex

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Stream Emote
Reflex emote.png
"Gag Reflex"
Introduced: 2019
Retired: N/A
Shortcut: GBreflex
Source: Stream guest

FPS Reflex (commonly known as just Reflex) is an American monster truck driver and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He is a guest host on Gatorbox and has made appearances as early as 2015, but did not become a regular guest until 2017.

He frequently co-streams games pertaining to monster trucks and motorsports with the exception of officially licensed Monster Jam games due to NDA. Reflex co-hosted the Gatorbox "2018 comeback stream" on June 1, 2018 where the edutainment game Nanoquest was unveiled.

A picture of Reflex making a grossed out face while eating Mexican candy during a 2019 stream was added as an emoticon under the shortcut "GBreflex". It has been nicknamed "Gag Reflex" and is generally used to express disgust or distaste with a given subject.