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Nightbot is one of the most popular chat bots in use on Twitch. It is active in thousands of channels and assists streamers, viewers, and moderators with common tasks. Gatorbox is one of the many channels employing the use of Nightbot.

Because of a lack of programming knowledge, Gatorbox's instance of Nightbot unintentionally became a negative inside joke. Nightbot is set up to remind viewers that they can follow Gatorbox on Twitch, subscribe on YouTube, and also download the FrankerFaceZ browser extension in order to make use of the channel's 50-ish custom emoticons. The issue is that the timers that make sure Nightbot isn't annoying don't seem to work and often times the bot will spit out more than one of the reminders at a time when it's only supposed to post one of them every 15 minutes. It also does this with a frequency seemingly faster than 15 minute intervals.

Viewers have taken a liking to copying the exact phrasing of Nightbot's reminders and will repeat them back in chat once Nightbot posts. Draco has attempted to fine tune the bot's settings on multiple occasions however none of his changes seem to have any meaningful effect and as such Nightbot continues to be a joke within the community.