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Off Air is a special series produced outside of Gatorbox's standard streaming schedule. It is a free-form series that follows no particular theme or setting and each episode can be viewed as a separate entity. The show is written, taped, and edited entirely offline, hence its name "Off Air". The idea for Off Air was briefly explored in 2015 as a way to offer a behind the scenes look at production of the show, however this idea did not work out and the series would not be revisited again until 2019 as a more traditional humor show.

Off Air has been used as an incentive to get viewers and fans to support the stream either by pledging on Patreon or subscribing on Twitch as episodes of Off Air are commonly offered to supporters much earlier than the general public has access to.


1. Mountain Dew Game Fuel 2. 20 Years After "Pokemon: The First Movie"