Pepsi Wizard

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The Pepsi Wizard is the name given to a Pepsi-branded pog that was received from a booster pack of Pepsi caps from the early 1990's. The reverse of the pog contains some generic copyright and collectors' information, however the obverse features the artwork that gives the item its name. The front of the pog shows a wizard casting a spell which at its center shows the Pepsi logo. Draco coined the name "Pepsi Wizard" while Tuna Boat Tony focused on the "Pepsi spell" aspect.

Because it is a fair two-sided coin, the Pepsi Wizard is often used in situations where outcomes can be determined by a coin flip. When this is done, Draco refers to it as "consulting the Pepsi Wizard". If the cap lands face-up the wizard has been "summoned" and this means "heads".