Wee Willy Wiener Warper

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"Wee Willy Wiener Warper" is the nickname given to the energy recharge station in the game Kileak: The DNA Imperative. It is a reference to an improvisational comedy act performed by Draco in the years before he became a streamer and furry author. According to Draco the product's tagline is "it warps your weenie whenever you want", a slogan that matches the existing alliteration. The name itself is sourced from the "Toy Palace" episode of Rugrats where there is a device named the "Wee Willie Warper Time Modulator".

There is no physical representation of the make believe warper. According to Draco none ever existed and no designs were even made, the comedy skit simply played off of the catchy alliteration of both the product name and its slogan.