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Gatorbox After Hours is the name of a catch-all series of videos on YouTube focusing on amusing skits and moments on Gatorbox that happen outside of the show's standard series and gameplay streams. Unlike the channel's primary series, there is no fixed theme or idea behind After Hours; the series features improv comedy, bloopers, merchandise previews, banter among hosts between segments, and more. It's a common gag for Draco to claim he's "tricked" viewers into watching him tape After Horus videos live on the air. After Hours is the second largest series on Gatorbox, behind GatorUNbox.

Videos from the series are often very short (less than 5 minutes in length) and because of this they do not feature the standard outro and closing card of the other videos on the channel, instead After Hours videos just fade to black when they end.

After Hours is also used as a platform to announce channel updates and changes, or other videos that may not remain relevant or necessary for very long. Most of the "missing videos" from the After Hours playlist were of this variety.