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GatorUNbox is the first non-video game series to be produced by Gatorbox, the first original series on the channel, and is the channel's longest running show with over 125 episodes. The series focuses on Draco showing off things that he finds interesting ranging from vintage toys, mail spam, blind bag collectibles, gag gifts, trading cards, snacks, handheld games, and more. The first official installment of GatorUNbox took place in July 2013 and showcased the "big box" edition of the PC edutainment game 3D Dinosaur Adventure.


GatorUNbox existed for several months as an unofficial part of the Gatorbox stream. Before switching to the Incoming Transmission title card to give viewers time to receive notifications and tune in Draco would fill a few minutes of time by playing around with small trinkets or look at old coupon packs that were shipped with old DVD movies around the turn of the millennium. Eventually viewers began to show a genuine interest in the "unbox" portion of the stream which meant Draco would need to find a way to fill time before the unbox so that he could let people show up, then do the unbox, then do the main show. This necessitated the creation of the Incoming Transmission screen which runs for 10-15 minutes before each stream starts and is still in use to this day.


As the popularity of Gatorbox continued to grow Draco found himself procuring things for GatorUNbox faster than he could actually show them off. The addition of the stream's official post office box for viewer mail made this situation worse. His solution to this was to acquire two acrylic inventory boxes, decorate their outsides, and then fill them with various things from the bin of unboxing candidates. These became the Prize Boxes and in order to determine which things would be selected the accompanying Prize-O-Matic was built. One box contains various toys, trinkets, blind bags, and other similar items. The other is filled with random packs of sealed vintage trading cards dating as far back as the early 1980's.

The Prize-O-Matic and its Prize Boxes were unveiled together near the end of 2016.