Bepis Dog

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Stream Emote
Bepis telegram.png
"Bepis Dog"
Introduced: 2017
Retired: 2020
Shortcut: GBbepis (FFZ)
Source: Original painting by Draco

Bepis Dog is the name of an acrylic painting made by Draco showing a dog drinking out of a Pepsi cup. The artwork was painted on an 8"x10" canvas and framed on the wall of the Gatorbox set, visible in some older seasons alongside a painting of Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie. Bepis Dog served as an "anchor point" for the camera to line up with so Draco knew the shot was framed and squared up correctly, however eventually the paintings were moved off camera and replaced with a collection of framed gift art and letters that had been sent to him by fans.

The painting was also turned into an emote by request of the Gatorbox community, though there were really no particular use cases created for the emote. Bepis Dog was used interchangeably with other similar nonsensical emotes to spam with when funny things happened or games messing up and freezing.

Prints of Bepis Dog were available through Redbubble until they were taken down for "copyright infringement", ostensibly because of the Pepsi branding in the painting. Draco has reuploaded them under different names and with different search tags as Fair Use protects artistic interpretations such as these. Besides, the painting says "Bepis" anyways, not "Pepsi".