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Gatorbox &CHILL (usually shortened to just &CHILL) is a collection of "B-roll" hangout streams aired on the Gatorbox channel outside of the show's normal Friday night schedule. These streams feature less production value and are not intended to be seen as an extension of the main show but rather a way for Gatorbox friends and fans to get together and hang out for a while and enjoy a game in the background. &CHILL normally broadcasts on days between Monday and Thursday and starts at approximately 6:00 PM (US Central) and ends at around 11:00 PM.

Draco commonly plays through a longer game over multiple days, such as a sandbox title, or will go for 100% completion in shorter titles. He may also attempt speedruns of various games during the stream as well. Recaps and edits of &CHILL generally do not make it onto YouTube as VOD's with the exception of new personal bests or world records achieved during a speedrun.

The broadcast derives its name from the phrase "Netflix and chill", a euphemism meaning to hook up for sex.

Games broadcast on &CHILL

  • Banjo-Kazooie
  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
  • Destruction Derby: Arenas
  • Kileak: The DNA Imperative
  • Nanoquest
  • Pokémon Blue