Rasta Otter

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Stream Emote
Rastaotter telegram.png
"Rasta Otter"
Introduced: 2018
Retired: N/A
Shortcut: GBrasta
Source: Original character

Rasta Otter is one of the mascots of Gatorbox. He is one of only two non-reptile mascots, the other being Whisper the Imagination Deer. As his name suggests Rasta Otter is an otter, specifically an otter with black dreadlocks wearing a traditional Rastafarian beanie hat. He is commonly associated with stoner culture and imagery of Rasta Otter often sees him paired up with the "CHILL" logo from the "Gatorbox &CHILL" casual streams.

Rasta Otter was born as a result of a Shush Or Hush-style joke made during a project to repaint the PC game Hamsterball Deluxe. In Hamsterball the game displays the text "READY SET GO!" as three separate images, the letters of these words were arranged into various anagrams until "RASTA OTTER .ORG" was settled upon. The domain name was purchased, a gimmick site was put up, and the joke was primed to be released with the patch for Hamsterball. Unfortunately this project failed and neither Rasta Otter nor his website would be seen.

In a 2018 After Hours video Draco decided to bring the mascot back to the stream by way of turning him into a regular character while explaining Rasta Otter's troubled history. He acquired a small otter toy from McDonald's and had a small Rastafarian beanie custom-made to fit the toy by Doris Dresses Dolls. The otter's corresponding website was also given a massive overhaul. Rasta Otter became an emote in both the Gatorbox Twitch stream and Discord server, and a higher-resolution version of the character's bust was made available as both a sticker and a T-shirt (paired with the "Gatorbox &CHILL" logo).

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