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Stream Emote
Lootcraet telegram.png
Introduced: 2015
Retired: N/A
Shortcut: GBlootcraet
Source: Set prop

Lootcraet (sometimes stylized as LOOTCRAET) is a parody of the American subscription box Loot Crate. It appeared on GatorUNbox as a massive prop filled with practical gags that directly satirized or lampooned the type of merchandise commonly found inside the real deal as well as outlandish and unsettling things cooked up for shock value. The Lootcraet was designed to embody hubris and teach the hosts of the stream the "lesson" of never getting a big head about chasing views and popularity else they run the risk of selling out and opening up a glorified box of unsalable garbage.

Draco unveiled the Lootcrate as a 50 subscriber special on the Gatorbox YouTube channel in early 2015. Rockyowitz was present for the opening of the Lootcraet but was not primed on its contents ahead of time in an effort to keep all of his reactions genuine. The contents of the box were designed and created by Draco, Roastmaster, and some of the more prominent members of the community at the time. The items ranged from repurposed "found" objects to intricate counterfeits and imitations of real goods.

A companion website, www.lootcraet.com, was also set up to go along with the joke. A spiritual successor to the Lootcraet named "Lootcraet 1.5" was created by a fan of the stream and given to Draco in late 2015. It was filled with random junk items taken from various people the fan worked with. A proper successor to the Lootcraet has been teased going as far back as 2016, however there has not yet been a sequel to the original.

After the original Lootcraet stream the empty box could sometimes be seen sitting around in the background of the set though it was never interacted with or pointed out. A small icon of the Lootcrate slightly ajar was added to the list of FrankerFaceZ Twitch emotes for the Gatorbox channel; this icon is also used in the overlay for GatorUNbox to highlight the Loot Cam, a secondary camera whose name was directly inspired by the Lootcraet prop. Additionally, the YouTube thumbnail for the Lootcraet video featured several slight "clickbait" modifications, one of which was enlarging Draco's eyes. A cutout of his exaggerated stare was also added as its own emote and was eventually overlaid onto the GatorUNbox layout as a gag that ended up staying there.

Many of the Gatorbox props were lost or damaged in 2017 when the stream's studio was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Several weeks after the hurricane Draco posted a picture of the Lootcraet on Twitter to show that it had survived. He noted "even if [the Lootcraet] was destroyed it would've returned as something else anyways because pure evil cannot be truly eradicated".

Items in the Lootcraet

  • Anime stickers
  • BattleBots "Mini Botz" blind bag toy (x4, all the same)
  • Beanie Babies "Rex" card (x4, "only three are known to exist")
  • Framed photo of Cassie from Dragon Tales (eyes are gouged out)
  • FurAffinity "CommissionCash" voucher ($10)
  • Indian Spirit "money house blessing" aerosol spray (peach scented)
  • Ministry certificate (from the Christian Furry Fellowship of St. Fred's Internet Cathedral)
  • My Little Pony digital comic download code ("The Power of Dragon Mating")
  • Ninja Turtles "Coming Out of Their Shells" cassette (McDonald's "That's My Ronald!" tape inside)
  • Paw Print stickers
  • PlayStation badges (X, square, & triangle only -- no circle)
  • Snickers candy bar (half-eaten)
  • Softpaw Magazine Issue #1
  • Steve Irwin "Super Hero Force" action figure (with sword accessory, also talks)
  • "Tumblr quote" T-shirt