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Stream Emote
Ness telegram.png
Introduced: 2017
Retired: N/A
Shortcut: gatorbNess (Twitch)
Source: Original character

Nessie (also known as simply Ness) is one of the mascots of the Gatorbox stream. She is a large stuffed alligator whose most common location on-set is sitting across the back of the couch. She is rarely interacted with except for occasions where Draco manipulates her mouth to make it look like she's speaking whatever is being said at the time. Her name is derived from Loch Ness in Scotland and is a reference to the lake's signature beast the Loch Ness Monster, or "Nessie".

The personality given to Nessie by the Gatorbox community is one of an outgoing "country girl", perhaps with a slight Louisianian Cajun accent. She is articulate and well-educated but enjoys life's simpler pleasures. She is commonly portrayed as an ideal partner, or a "waifu" in joking terms. This is represented in the merchandise Nessie is featured in by way of showing her smiling with hearts above her head.

She is also represented in Gatorbox's only official Twitch emote, gatorbNess, which is a close-up of her smiling. The emote is most commonly used to express glee or excitement.