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Coolgator is the primary mascot of the Gatorbox channel. He is an anthropomorphic alligator wearing aviator sunglasses and no shirt. No artwork of the character exists that depicts him from the waist down so the rest of his wardrobe, if any, is unknown. The original Coolgator was derived from an emoticon drawn in 2009 by the artist Captain Fiskers and in 2012 an updated full body version of the character was drawn by furry artists Rex Dragon and Dofain. The version drawn by Rex Dragon is still in use today and can be seen in various places online such as the official Gatorbox page on Patreon and the "OFF AIR" card used on Twitch.

He is the only mascot without a canon personality, likely because historically Coolgator has been used as an icon to represent the show. Coolgator's original emoticon was one of the original FrankerFaceZ emotes associated with the channel (GBcoolgator) however it was retired due to a lack of use. A sticker of Coolgator is available from the Gatorbox store depicting Rex Dragon's artwork in front of a background of repeating Gatorbox logos.