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Stream Emote
Prizeomatic telegram.png
Introduced: 2017
Retired: N/A
Shortcut: GBprize
Source: Set prop

The Prize-O-Matic (also sometimes referred to as the Prize Wheel) is a gambling device built by Draco for use in determining things to unbox on the show GatorUNbox. It is a yellow box with a green and blue circular graphic divided up into 24 equal parts. In the middle of this graphic is a red arrow attached to an electric motor. When Draco presses the button on the side of the Prize-O-Matic the arrow spins around and eventually stops on one of the 24 sections, this number corresponds to a space in one of two Prize Boxes which Draco then removes from its spot and opens up on stream.

The Prize-O-Matic was built in 2016 and unveiled on stream in 2017. In that time it has become one of the most iconic parts of the Gatorbox set due to its colorful appearance and interactivity with the stream chat; viewers are encouraged to guess along with each other as to what number the arrow will land on, though currently there are no prizes awarded for guessing correctly.

The device uses a small motor taken from a cassette tape deck connected to four AA batteries, which are kept behind the Prize-O-Matic's facade, to spin the arrow. Due to the arrow not being evenly weighted, the Prize-O-Matic needs to be laid onto its back in order to spin otherwise the heavier end of the arrow will always pull it downward as it comes to a stop. Due to the inexpensive motor used to spin the arrow, there are usually six "hot spots" that the arrow will prefer to land within. These spots correspond to the gaps in the magnets inside the motor; this issue is usually solved by Draco taking the arrow off and reattaching it in a different orientation which doesn't remove the hot spots so much as it artificially changes where they are on the wheel.

Between the two Prize Boxes only one of them has 24 compartments, the other has just 20. In the event that the Prize-O-Matic lands on 21-24 when spinning for the box with only 20 slots Draco instead just spins again. The exception is if the arrow lands on 23 in which case it becomes "Draco's Choice" and he can pick from any of the prize slots.

There is a FrankerFaceZ Twitch emote dedicated to the Prize-O-Matic, as well as two additional spin-off emotes representing the spaces 13 and 23. The "13" emote is a vector drawing of the green space from the device and was created due to superstitions surrounding 13 as an unlucky number, however there is generally nothing better or worse in either Prize Box for this space. The "23" emote is a reference to the YouTube series Game Grumps regarding Arin's tendency to always gamble with 23 as his lucky number; ElectricSheepCity would commonly guess "23!" in chat when predicting the winning number even in situations where landing on 23 would require a re-spin.