Whisper the Imagination Deer

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Whisper the Imagination Deer, more commonly shortened to just Whisper, is a minor mascot of the Gatorbox stream. She is a small "Beanie Babies" plushie (of which Whisper is her actual name) that was received in a mystery box of toys and stickers "for girls" in a GatorUNbox episode from January 2017. Several months later when a European Kinder Surprise egg was opened on stream the prize inside was a cloth throwing disc, this was repurposed into a cape for Whisper to wear. She is most well known for her associated catchphrases "if you can do it you can dream it" and "Whisper can do it!"

Unlike the other mascots of the Gatorbox channel, making lewd remarks or advances regarding Whisper is verboten. This is because the personality given to her is one of a righteous Christian woman waiting for "Mr. Right". She is caring and traditional, however even though she's naked none of her private parts are visible. This is never actually confirmed though because her only article of clothing (the cape) covers both her chest and groin.