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* ''[[That's Not Lego!]]'', on hiatus
* ''[[That's Not Lego!]]'', on hiatus
* ''[[The Tiger Game.com Experience|Tiger Game.com Experience, The]]'', ended
* ''[[The Tiger Game.com Experience|Tiger Game.com Experience, The]]'', ended
* ''[[What's Yiffin'?]]'', cancelled

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Gatorbox is a weekly online show that showcases strange, obscure, or forgotten video games; vintage tat, thrift store finds, and unusual trading cards; and relics of internet culture such as fanfiction readings and news about the furry fandom. It is predominately hosted by Draco who, since 2013, also acts as the show's executive producer. Gatorbox airs every Friday night at 9:00 PM (US Central).

"Gatorbox" as a generic name also refers to the show's website and community as well as its profile pages on websites such as Twitch.


Gatorbox debuted on December 21, 2012 through the platform Livestream with a marathon broadcast of mostly apocalypse-themed games. Broadcasters featured during this inaugural show included Draco, Edward, Hydra & Rex, and Roastmaster. The launch of Gatorbox was partially sponsored by popular furry literature website SoFurry. This was because the channel was initially billed as a furry-centric station "for furries, by furries" and hailed as the first of its kind. Twilight Foundry Films were the producers of the show during this time and funded the project from December 2012 through approximately April/May 2013.

When the original producers opted to stop funding the project and cancelled it, Draco stepped up to request if it would be possible to obtain the rights to the show as well as its assets. A deal was worked out and Draco ended up with most of the assets with the exception of the show's original name. He settled on renaming it "Gatorbox" as a mistranslation of "alligator television". Draco revamped the show, moved it to Twitch, and replaced all of the former remote co-hosts with people he knew offline who could appear on-camera in the set he started building. He also introduced miniature series and offshoots performed and recorded live, the first of which being GatorUNbox.

For the first few months of Gatorbox's production the series was credited to Flying Lizard Productions, a loose-knit group of content creators from San Antonio, Texas who assisted Draco in the process of obtaining the rights to the show and getting it back online. Starting in approximately 2014 production of the show migrated over to Gator Company, an in-house production group Draco formed specifically to work on Gatorbox and its series.

Content & format

Beginning with the format established by Gator Company in 2014, Gatorbox broadcasts every Friday night at 9:00 PM (US Central) via the streaming platform Twitch. It is currently broadcast on location from a set in Corpus Christi, Texas but in the past was produced out of Draco's apartment in San Antonio, Texas.

The average Gatorbox broadcast lasts for approximately three hours (until midnight). The first 30-60 minutes of each show are reserved for one of the many side series produced by the show. Most commonly this is GatorUNbox, the channel's longest-running series, however the first broadcast of every month generally features a "spotlight" series instead. From 2016-2017 What's Yiffin'? held this position, however starting with Gatorbox's 2018 season Fanfiction Factory has taken its place.

Following the opening segment Draco welcomes viewers with a more proper introduction that normally includes some brief updates on the show and any special announcements. After this he segues into the main show which features a video game of dubious quality or standing. The game is played until the end of the show where Draco returns to his hosting layout, thanks viewers for their support and participation, and rolls the credits. Games that are wrapped up in one stream (and in one recap video) are called "One Shots" whereas games that take multiple shows/videos to get through receive their own playlists on YouTube and Twitch.


Shows produced and aired by Gatorbox


Cancelled, Ended, or On Hiatus


  • 100 Best Games of All Time, The
  • Oldgrounds
  • Untitled Movie Review Project
  • Whisper ASMR
  • WIKI-ty Wack